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Invision Power Board Applications (4)
Utilities, modules, applications, and tools built on the Invision Power Board platform (IPB). IPB is powerful, fully integrated web content management system for small and large organizations. IPB features forum systems, e-commerce portals, file management, content design and several other powerful features. Deschutes Design Group LLC does not sell or license the IPB system. It must be purchased separately through Invision Power Services, Inc.
Invision Power Board Plugins (2)
Plugins designed and developed to work on the Invision Power Board (IPB) platform. Invision Power Board is required to run the plugins.

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PERSCOM Soldier Management System 1.3.2
This version of PERSCOM fixes the persistent flag bug that has plaguing many installations. Second, it allows a client to authenticate their license key with our new licensing system.
Fájlméret: 3.17 MB
Reseller Hosting cPanel Integration for Invision Power Board
This lightweight plugin enables your Invision Power Board (IPB) software to act as a web hosting management platform for Reseller Hosting, similar to WHMCS. Unlike a Dedicated or VPS with root access, Reseller Hosting is a cheap alternative for web designers and administrators to host several websites using cPanel's Web Hosting Manager (WHM). Reseller Hosting is offered by many of the top web hosting companies. IPB does not natively support cPanel/WHM accounts without root access thus making resell hosting through IPB difficult. This plugin allows you the ability to specify a package/plan name that you've created in WHM and assign it to a hosting product within Commerce. Hosting account quotas such as disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, database accounts etc. are managed through each plan you create within WHM.
Fájlméret: 16.7 kB
Nexus/Commerce License Key Log
The License Key Request Log is built on the Invision Power Board platform and allows you to track API requests made to the Nexus license key system.
Fájlméret: 63.5 kB
Ask A Question Plugin
The Ask A Question plugin provides a simple plug-in-play utility for the Invision Power Board system that adds a small call-to-action form in the bottom right corner of your website. Use this plugin to direct users to a message, contact or support form on your website. The plugin is completely configurable and can be customized to match your website.
Fájlméret: 8.65 kB
Application Manager for Invision Power Board
The IPS Application Manager provides a useful tool for developers to create a RESTful interface to handle update/version checking for their applications. Whether the application was developed on the IPS platform or third-party software, the IPS Application Manager allows you to quickly add applications, manage their updates and configure a REST API that returns information on the application.
Fájlméret: 75 kB

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