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 PERSCOM Soldier Management System (3)
A personnel and operational management tool developed by Deschutes Design Group LLC.


Application Manager for Invision Power Board
The IPS Application Manager provides a useful tool for developers to create a RESTful interface to handle update/version checking for their applications. Whether the application was developed on the IPS platform or third-party software, the IPS Application Manager allows you to quickly add applications, manage their updates and configure a REST API that returns information on the application.
Filesize: 75 kB
Nexus/Commerce License Key Log
The License Key Request Log is built on the Invision Power Board platform and allows you to track API requests made to the Nexus license key system.
Filesize: 63.5 kB
Slack Notifications
Bring together your Invision Power Board community with the ultimate collaboration hub for your team! Slack Notifications leverages the internal notification system of Invision Power Board to relay all your important notifications to your Slack account. Slack Notifications works on the frontend notification system and allows your community members to add as many slack channels as they want, routing all their notifications to multiple channels, all from within Invision Power Board. This application is plug and play and allows your community to customize and configure their notifications independently of one another.
Filesize: 66.5 kB

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